The inaugural Inwood Film Festival was founded and produced by Aaron Simms, Todd Cerveris, and Jason Minter.


Program AProgram BProgram C
Short Shorts
(60 minutes)
Wednesday, March 2, 9:15pm
Thursday, March 3 at 9:15pm
Long Shorts
(86 minutes)
Wednesday, March 2 at 7:00pm
Long Shorts
(86 minutes)
Thursday, March 3 at 7:00pm
Siri, Where is Citibank?
Veinticinco: El Domino
620 Isham
Zemya Zemya
A Roommate Short
Love to the Battle
Every Other Weekend
Lady on the Street:
Better with Bacon
Dead Wait
The Timmy Brothers –
Water Makers
To Oh Seven
On The Bench
Concrete River
American Falls
10-Second Barrier
In the Blind
Come Back Hailey
One Man’s Trash
Poetry Will Find You
Bird Boy
and then I fell down

List (in alphabetical order):

Director: Gabriel Gutierrez
Synopsis: After missing a late night subway train, Patrick meets a mysterious
and disorientating woman who entices him to share a dance.

10 Second Barrier
Director: Alfonso M. Rodriguez
Synopsis: In the days leading to his championship race, a troubled high school track runner
must choose between his gut instincts and the influence of his misguided older brother.

620 Isham
Director: Cihangir Duman
Synopsis: A group of strangers is reminded of the value of life.

Director: Cristobal Vivar
Synopsis: This is a 12-hour time lapse of Young Jee’s land art in Inwood Hill Park; which graced
the park for three years. His ephemeral circles were made with snow, leaves, sticks, mulch, and
anything he could find.

A Roommate Short
Director: Shawn Regruto
Synopsis: Adam is a roommate short. Lisa really needs a room. Apartment hunting in New
York City can be tough.

American Falls
Director: Be’ Garrett
Synopsis: In a rural town in southern Idaho a Japanese-American family opens and operates a
small motel. The year is 1965, the height of the Civil Rights Era. One night a stranger sporting
‘city’ clothes checks in, the first African-American man that Toru Suzuki’s children have ever see.
Yoshiko Toru’s precocious 13-year-old daughter, takes it upon herself to solve the mystery of this
man, especially after two detectives come knocking on their door in the middle of the night.

and then I fell down
Director: Gabriel Rodriguez-Fuller
Synopsis: Berth, at the party, losing her mind. Musa, in the country, looking for hers.
A romance without romance, the space between two people.

Director: Isaac Benelli
Synopsis: A separated couple walks through the memory of their relationship to find a way
to move on.

Bird Boy
Director: Dan Chen
Synopsis: A young woman learns a lesson in humanity when the mentally disabled man she
cares for tries to take flight.

Director: Mozell Miley-Bailey
Synopsis: A dancer makes it into a renowned dance company only to have her chance
suddenly taken away. A drummer, who’s living on the streets, struggles to keep his music alive.
Their bodies of music and motion and the weight of desires and dreams become exerted by
forces unbeknownst and around them that unravel in an NY moment.

Come Back Hailey
Director: Ela Thier
Synopsis: When a jobless fuck-up loses his girlfriend, he recruits his friend to help get her back.

Concrete River
Director: Iesh Thapar
Synopsis: A dispirited young musician struggles between fulfilling his dreams of playing in a
band, and carrying out the criminal activities set out for him by this oppressive older brother.

Dead Wait
Director: q mackey
Synopsis: A woman trying to cope.

Every Other Weekend
Director: Jacob Okada
Synopsis: Soon after his parent’s divorce, James, a pleasantly plump African American teen,
spends the weekend dealing with his exercise obsessed dad.

In the Blind
Director: Davis Hall
Synopsis: A duck blind is a place for concealment, but for two estranged brothers confronting
their father’s apparent suicide, emotional truth is revealed.

Lady on the Street: Better with Bacon
Director: Jenny Hagel
Synopsis: In this man-on-the-street style comedy, comedian Jenny Hagel hits the streets of
Inwood, Manhattan to find out if everything really is better with bacon.

Love to the Battle
Director: Kelli King
Synopsis: Despite the bad weather conditions Professor Boneapart goes for a walk in Inwood.

On the Bench
Director: Nabil Viñas & Alexis Holloway
Synopsis: When his mother calls to make him take in his aunt, the man on the bench must decide
whether to turn his home and life upside down or say no.

One Man’s Trash
Director: Kelly Adams
Synopsis: In an East Harlem garage sits the unusual museum: Treasures in the Trash. The museum
is the life’s work of Nelson Molina, a 34-year veteran of the New York City Department
of Sanitation and a collector of discarded ephemera of interest. The film follows Molina on his
route as, with a keen eye and open mind, he plucks gems from what others have thrown away
an assigns new value to them.

Poetry Will Find You
Director: Tony Dec
Synopsis: A common man encounters the mysterious powers of poetry.

Director: Austin Julian
Synopsis: About swimming in the rivers and the things you may meet in the river in the 60’s
and 70’s.

Siri, Where’s Citibank?
Director: Turhan Caylak
Synopsis: A local resident of Upper Manhattan is out of money, and looking for Citibank with
the help of Siri.

The Timmy Brothers – Water Makers
Director: Paul Riccio
Synopsis: The Timmy Brothers: Water Makers is a quick, funny look at Bail and Terry Timmy,
Brooklyn-based makers of artisanal drinking water. Carried overland by their own team of
burros, the Timmy’s source water from around the globe to make their signature batches utilizing
ancient, painstaking methods. They’re introducing handcrafted water to the world with
an almost pathological attention to craftsmanship and a thirst for helping people become less
thirsty. The Timmy’s represent either the pinnacle or nadir of the artisanal food movement.

To Oh Seven
Director: Davis Hall
Synopsis: Some journeys begin at the end of the line.

Veinticinco: El Domino
Director: Ben Nager Sadoff & Yuby Hernandez
Synopsis: This documentary presents a cultural geography of the game of dominoes and what it
means to four groups of mostly Dominican men who play in Inwood, NYC.

Zemya Zemya
Director: Eva Nikolova
Synopsis: A frame-by-frame camera-less animation constructed of scanned ink and charcoal
drawings. It is a humorous if pessimistic meditation on geopolitics that eschews didacticism
and an univocal reading through the use of a wordless, free-associative narrative and a highly
individual visual aesthetic.


every-other-weekend_200x110Best Short-Short Filmed in Inwood
directed by Jacob Okada
produced by Caylanna Taylor


to-oh-seven_200x111Best Short-Short by an Inwood Filmmaker
directed by Davis Hall
produced by Ingrid Price


veinticinco_200x110Founders Award For Documentary Filmmaking
directed by Ben Nager Sadoff & Yuby Hernandez



zemya-zamya_200x153Founders Award for Animation
directed by Eva Nikolova




10-second-barrier_200x86Founders Award for the Spirit of Inwood
directed by Alfonso M. Rodriguez