The Back Porch Show. photo credit: Pictured: Lori Funk. Photo by Ethan David Kent Photography

Inwood Art Works is thrilled to launch the New Works Festival in 2017!

Inwood Art Works is committed to the creation and development of new stage works.  The New Works Festival produces new professional performing arts programming in the Inwood community. This diverse and eclectic program allows us to commit to the artist’s work and bring their imaginative vision to full realization.  We intend to produce the work we develop, and present new works by local artists by cultivating creative and innovative ideas into engaging and culturally relevant new work.

We are looking for unique, provocative, and engaging voices that have something personal to say about the American experience; specifically, as it culturally pertains to the New York and Inwood community.  We also look to champion local artists and encourage them to submit their work.

Click HERE for submission information and guidelines.