Inwood Art Works Photography Club

Do you enjoy taking photos for fun and your own enjoyment and showing them to your friends and family? We created the Inwood Art Works Photography Club (IAWPC) for people like you.

Uptown special. © George Hermann
The club is a great way to meet your neighbors and practice your passion for photography. Whatever level of photography skills you have, whatever type of equipment you use (mobile phone, point and shoot, or interchangeable lens camera) you are welcome in the IAWPC. We have casual photo shoot meetups where all club members are invited in a club members email to gather and shoot at a specific time and location. The meetups are usually scheduled on Saturday afternoons from 4 to 7pm. After the shoot, members are encouraged to get together for a bite, a drink – or both!

As a special feature of the club, every month, members are encouraged to submit 1 to 3 of their favorite photos they took that month to share with the club; which will then be posted to the Inwood Art Works Photography Club online private members Gallery. Of course, you may just enjoy the gallery if you don’t wish to send in any photos. The club utilizes Flickr for the private members group, as well as for its public galleries which feature select photos curated on a monthly basis from member photos by the Photography Club Director, George Hermann.

Fort Tryon Hummingbird
Fort Tryon Hummingbird. © Philip Goldsmith

Club members who want to participate in the online club galleries will have to open a free flickr account of their own. Once you have your Flickr account you can just drag and drop any photos of your choice into it. Flickr has made this very easy and has complete instructions and help if you need it. Go to and follow their instructions. We encourage all members to participate in the galleries.

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