Become an Art Worker


The best way to fully experience Inwood Art Works is to play a role in our community of major donors.

As a member of our “ART WORKER” patron community, you are granted exclusive access to programming that will enrich your engagement with the local scene and allow you to intimately connect with others as an “Art Works” insider.  Receive exclusive access with VIP reserved seats at readings, complimentary tickets, invitations to parties and events, special recognition, and (arguably most important of all) free popcorn at our Film Works screenings!

Join our patron community of Art Workers today and play your role!

$100 –  ENSEMBLE ($100 tax-deductible)

The Ensemble is the backbone of all our works, and we couldn’t do them without them!

  • Recognition on our website and Inwood Art Works programs.
  • Free popcorn at our Film Works programs!
  • Click here to be a part of our ensemble of supporters!

$250 – FEATURED ROLE ($200 tax-deductible)

Taking a Featured Role showcases your local pride and being a supporter of cultural arts in the Inwood community.

  • Receive all above benefits and…
  • Receive two VIP tickets and two complimentary drinks to one Inwood Art Works program of your choice.
  • Receive priority box office access to tickets before they go on sale to the public.
  • Click here to take a featured role in supporting Inwood Art Works!

$500 – LEAD ROLE ($350 tax-deductible)

Leading Roles are for patrons who make the entire company better with their talent.

  • Receive all above benefits and…
  • Invitation for two to Inwood Art Works cocktail parties throughout the season.
  • Click here to take a Leading Role in supporting Inwood Art Works!

$1,000 – STAR ($750 tax-deductible)

By being a Star, you make us shine.

  • Receive all above benefits and…
  • See your name in lights!  Witness your name blazed across the screen at our Film Works programs.
  • Receive four VIP complimentary seats and drinks to all our shows and screenings.
  • Click here to become a Star!

$2,500 – DIRECTOR ($2,000 tax-deductible)

Directors see the vision for a cultural arts hub in Northern Manhattan.

  • Receive all above benefits and…
  • Private lunch with an Inwood Art Works’ artist and Executive Producer.
  • Click here to become a Director!

$5,000 – ASSOCIATE PRODUCER ($4,000 tax-deductible)

Associate Producers are talented, tireless, and dedicated “to make it happen” uptown.

  • Receive all above benefits and…
  • Opportunity to host a private screening or reading with cocktail reception in your own home with Inwood Art Works’ artists.
  • Private dinner with Executive Producer at Indian Road Café.
  • Click here to become an Associate Producer!

$10,000 – PRODUCER ($7,500 tax-deductible)

A passionate leader, a champion of artists, a cultivator of audiences, and an unwavering inspiration to all.

  • Receive all above benefits and…
  • Opportunity to sponsor a screening at the IFF Short Film Festival, including special title-page billing in our souvenir program.
  • Allocate one pair of complimentary tickets to be donated to a local charity to attend any Inwood Art Works program.
  • Click here to become a Producer!

For more information on how you can play your role, or to simply make an anonymous contribution, contact


Do you participate in your company’s Matching Gift program?  Many organizations provide matching donations made by their employees; which can double or even triple your contribution.  If your organization matches your gift, it automatically enhances your standing in our patron program.  Contact your employer’s human resource department for more information.

Thank you for your support!  We couldn’t do it without you, because we love doing it for you!

Inwood Art Works is a 501(c)(3) not for-profit arts organization. Contributions can be made online or addressed to: “Inwood Art Works” ∙ 97 Park Terrace West ∙ New York ∙ NY 10034.